STATEMENT: Poliversity for Marriage Equality

STATEMENT: Poliversity for Marriage Equality

Poliversity is proud to stand with Australians from all backgrounds pushing for marriage equality in Australia.

Poliversity is vigorously opposed to the plebiscite and the proposed postal survey as both policies open the doors for further discrimination and hate speech. While we oppose the divisive and expensive postal survey, we encourage all Australians to enrol and send a strong message to end discrimination and inequality by voting yes for marriage equality.

Prolonging the issue of marriage equality and denying LGBTI Australians equal rights will have long term negative ramifications. Our experience working with Australians from multicultural and interfaith backgrounds have shown us the damaging effects of discrimination. Australia is a tolerant and inclusive country and there is no place for discrimination and hate speech.

Poliversity is particularly concerned for the health and wellbeing of LGBTI Australians from multicultural backgrounds. In addition to facing discrimination externally, multicultural LGBTI Australians are subject to added pressures from people within their own communities. Due to cultural and religious values, there are a number of multicultural LGBTI Australians that are fearful of coming out. Poliversity pledges to advocate for a greater focus and resources to support LGBTI Australians from multicultural backgrounds.

Poliversity condemns discrimination in all forms and will continue to work with the Australian Labor Party and the Rainbow Labor Network to fight for the equal rights of LGBTI Australians.