STATEMENT: ALP ‘Employ Australians First’ advertisement

STATEMENT: ALP ‘Employ Australians First’ advertisement

Poliversity notes that the Australian Labor Party (ALP) ‘Employ Australians First’ advertisement does not accurately reflect the diversity of the Australian workforce which the party itself embraces.

We have received feedback from members of multicultural communities who are concerned about the lack of diversity portrayed in the advertisement. Its clear Australians, regardless of background, expect more from the ALP in demonstrating inclusiveness.

Poliversity has received strong support from federal Labor caucus members, our Co-Patrons and federal Leader Bill Shorten for its platform committed to a more culturally diverse ALP and Australian politics in general.

Poliversity appreciates Bill Shorten for acknowledging the oversight so promptly and would like to thank the ALP for taking action in removing the advertisement.

Poliversity will be following up with the ALP National Secretariat to help ensure the diverse and inclusive views of multicultural Australia continue to be reflected in the work of the administrative wing of the party.