Australian Politics 101

Australian Politics 101

With the 2016 federal election campaign in full swing, you will be receiving lots of information from candidates and political parties in your letterboxes and social media feeds.

Are you voting for the first time? Do you have questions about how politics in Australia works? Do you want to learn more about our political system and how laws and policies are made? Poliversity is running an Australian politics 101 workshop for people who want to find out more. This event is a great opportunity for you to ask questions you have always wanted to ask on Australian politics.

Discussion topics at Australian Politics 101 include the following:

  • The Australian Parliamentary system and the three levels of government.
  • Are all the political parties the same?
  • Is Australian politics just like ‘House of Cards?’
  • What’s the role of the media in Australian politics?
  • Senate voting – what do the new changes mean?

We will be joined by special guest speaker John Pandazopoulos. John was a former Minister and member of the Steve Bracks Victorian Government. During his time in the Victorian Parliament, John served as Minister for Major Projects, Tourism, Gaming and Racing. He was also the Minister assisting the Premier on Multicultural Affairs.

There will be plenty of opportunities for you to ask questions and participate in conversations. Register today as tickets are limited.

Reserve your seat at Eventbrite.

*image credit: Wilari Tedjosiswoyo

A dialogue with Senator Jenny McAllister

A dialogue with Senator Jenny McAllister

This dialogue has been postponed until after the election.

Appreciating culturally diverse people in Australian businesses

Poliversity is providing a unique opportunity for Australian leaders from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds to participate in the Appreciating culturally diverse people in Australian businesses dialogue with Senator Jenny McAllister.

Held on 10 June 2016, the purpose of the dialogue is to discuss the importance of cultural diversity leadership in the Australian workplace and provide practical solutions on what governments and policy makers can do to improve the situation in Australia to ensure Australians from CALD backgrounds reach their potential in their chosen professions. If selected, participants will get the opportunity to share their views and ideas with a leading member of the Australian Senate. Your innovative ideas will contribute to further research and consultation conducted by Poliversity, which aims to encourage governments and businesses to embrace policies and practices that encourage the recognition of cultural diversity leadership in the workplace.

In addition to Australians from CALD backgrounds, the dialogue is open to Anglo-Australians. It is important to note that seats are limited.

This event is limited to 25 people.

Expression of Interest

Please follow the following link to fill in an expression of interest form.

*An expression of interest does not guarantee participation.

MEDIA RELEASE: Putting Multiculturalism on the policy map

MEDIA RELEASE: Putting Multiculturalism on the policy map

Poliversity congratulates the Australian Labor Party (ALP) on its policy announcement to provide $28.3M in new funding to advance multiculturalism and cultural diversity in Australia.

With a strong focus on social cohesion, economic inclusion and community empowerment, Labor’s policy will reaffirm the Australian Government’s commitment to multiculturalism and cultural diversity. Highlights of Labor’s national multicultural policy include:

  • $9.4M over the forward estimates to establish an Office for Multicultural Affairs in the Department of Social Services to improve coordination, research, policy development, program management, research and evaluation
  • $11.3M over the forward estimates to fund capital works for settlement and community sector organisations
  • $7.5M over the forward estimates to support the development of critical skills of staff working and volunteering in multicultural community organisations across Australia

“Poliversity congratulates the ALP, Bill Shorten and his team for putting multiculturalism on the policy map, said Wesa Chau, Co-founder of Poliversity.

“To ensure multicultural communities, migrants, refugees and humanitarian arrivals reach their potential, we need a dedicated federal office to provide strategic and policy direction across all Commonwealth Government portfolios.

“Australians from multicultural backgrounds contribute to the social and economic diversity of our nation. Labor’s national policy on multiculturalism and its commitment to recognise their economic and social contribution will provide a strong foundation to supporting more cultural diversity leadership across Australia’s public and corporate sectors.

In addition to supporting and empowering multicultural Australians and community organisations, Labor has committed to supporting the settlement of more than 20,000 new humanitarian migrants from Iraq and Syria in the coming financial year.

“By tackling key issues such as language services, employment, workforce diversity, access and equity, Labor’s policies and programs will ensure new migrants and arrivals succeed in their new home.

“Labor’s affiliation and working partnership with Poliversity demonstrates their commitment to enhancing multiculturalism and cultural diversity. Poliversity is looking forward to working with a Shorten Labor Government to advance multicultural Australia”, concluded Ms Chau.