MEDIA RELEASE: Poliversity announces Co-Patrons

MEDIA RELEASE: Poliversity announces Co-Patrons

Poliversity’s commitment to promote cultural diversity leadership and engagement between the Australian Labor Party (ALP) and multicultural communities has been strengthened by the announcement of the organisation’s two Co-Patrons Maria Vamvakinou MP and Matt Thistlethwaite MP.

The Co-Founder of Poliversity Jieh-Yung Lo said an effective way to promote the recognition of cultural diversity representation within the ALP is to work with champions and advocates serving in the ALP parliamentary team.

Maria Vamvakinou MP is the federal Labor member for Calwell and Co-Convenor of the Parliamentary Friends of Multiculturalism. Maria believes Australians from multicultural backgrounds have a lot to offer to make Australia more prosperous and successful. Maria has been a strong voice for the preservation of multiculturalism and cultural diversity in the Parliament of Australia.

Matt Thistlethwaite MP is the federal Labor member for Kingsford Smith and the current Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Immigration. He has previously served as Parliamentary Secretary for Pacific Island Affairs and Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs in the Gillard Government. In a recent opinion article published in the Labor Herald, Matt called on the NSW and Commonwealth governments to do more to fund the teaching of Asian languages and culture to Australian children and students.

Poliversity is looking forward to working with Maria Vamvakinou MP and Matt Thistlethwaite MP to promote cultural diversity leadership within the ALP and develop stronger engagement opportunities between the ALP and Australia’s multicultural communities.

As a partisan independent organisation, Poliversity’s mission is to advocate for cultural diversity leadership and representation within the ALP to achieve a more balanced and equitable representation that reflects the multicultural makeup of Australia.

Quotes attributable to Maria Vamvakinou MP

“I am looking forward to working with Poliversity to encourage greater discussion and dialogue between the ALP and our multicultural communities. I especially look forward to working with our next generation of young Australians from established and emerging multicultural communities.”

“Poliversity provides a platform for Australians from multicultural backgrounds to share their concerns and feedback on important social and economic policies considered by the ALP. The ALP believes in the potential of our multicultural society and is committed to working on issues that are important to migrant and refugee communities.”

Quotes attributable to Matt Thistlethwaite MP

“Australia’s greatest assets are our diversity and multiculturalism. Australians from multicultural backgrounds bring unique skills and experience that has the potential to enhance growth and productivity in a range of sectors and industries including the public service.”

“Governments, industries and businesses across Australia need to introduce policies and practices to recognise the importance of cultural diversity and provide more opportunities for Australians from multicultural backgrounds to serve in leadership positions.”

“I am thrilled to serve as a Co-Patron for Poliversity and am prepared to advocate for greater awareness and focus within the ALP on issues concerning Australia’s multicultural communities.”

Quotes attributable to Jieh-Yung Lo, Co-Founder of Poliversity

“We are thrilled to announce that Maria Vamvakinou and Matt Thistlethwaite will be our organisation’s Co-Patrons. Both Maria and Matt are passionate about cultural diversity and what it can offer the ALP and the Australian community.”

“Poliversity is fortunate to have two passionate and dedicated federal MPs who understand the issues we face and the opportunities presented by embracing multiculturalism and cultural diversity.”

“In today’s multicultural Australia, cultural diversity leadership and representation is an important topic to discuss. Poliversity is looking forward to driving this important debate within the ALP and the Australian multicultural community.”

Sophie Ismail with Michelle Rowland on Small Business 小企业聚会

Sophie Ismail with Michelle Rowland on Small Business 小企业聚会

Poliversity warmly invites members of the Chinese community to attend and participate in a dialogue and networking event to meet the federal Shadow Minister for Small Business, Multiculturalism and Citizenship Michelle Rowland and the Australian Labor Party (ALP) candidate for the seat of Melbourne Sophie Ismail.

Hosted jointly by Poliversity and Sophie Ismail on Friday 27 November 2015, this event provides an opportunity for the Chinese business, community and media representatives to meet Shadow Minister Rowland (who is coming from Sydney) and discuss important policy issues such as:

  • Turnbull Government’s proposal to increase the GST
  • Labor’s plan to support small businesses
  • Labor’s plan to encourage the promotion of multiculturalism in Australia

Details of the event:

DATE: 27 November 2015

TIME: 2:30pm

VENUE: Chinese Masonic Society Melbourne

If you would like to RSVP for the event, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0408 238 208 or at We strongly recommend for you to send in your RSVP by 5pm on Wednesday 25 November because seats are limited.

As a leading representative of the Chinese business, community and media sectors, this is a good opportunity for you to share your thoughts and ideas with Shadow Minister Rowland and Ms Sophie Ismail. We are looking forward to hosting and welcoming you at this important networking event.



小企业及多元文化影子部长Michelle Rowland还有墨尔本工党候选人Sophie Ismail会讲解对小企业有影响的政策,例如:

  • 提高GST税率议题
  • 支持小企业的政策
  • 加强融合不同种族的多元文化政策



Statement: Independent investigation to end branch stacking in Victorian ALP

Statement: Independent investigation to end branch stacking in Victorian ALP

Poliversity urges the Victorian Labor Party to put an end to corrosive branch stacking once and for all by appointing an investigator independent of the party to examine concerning allegations raised at last week’s Administrative Committee meeting.

Last month, Fairfax Media revealed that gift cards had been used to pay for the memberships of union officials from the plumbers union and individual members. Unfortunately, these activities centred on factional operatives within the Australian Labor Party (ALP) taking advantage of individuals and communities from multicultural backgrounds.

“Poliversity wants genuine engagement between the ALP and multicultural communities. We are concerned that branch stacking activities only entrench the exploitation of members from multicultural backgrounds and undermines trust, said Jieh-Yung Lo, Co-Founder of Poliversity.

“To ensure members from multicultural backgrounds are no longer exploited, Poliversity strongly recommends an independent investigation to probe recent branch stacking allegations in the Victorian Labor Party.

“Members from multicultural backgrounds are not mere ballot numbers to be exploited for the personal political gain of a few. They are fellow Australian citizens who have an interest and stake in good public policy and like to express their own views on various issues. The ALP needs to provide more opportunities for these members to contribute to policy development in the party.

Poliversity welcomes the comments made by Federal Labor Leader Bill Shorten and his call for action to eliminate branch stacking in Victoria. Poliversity strongly agrees with Bill Shorten that branch stacking has no place in the ALP.

“For the ALP to become a modern and inclusive political movement, it needs to build trust and confidence with Australia’s growing multicultural communities. Practices such as branch stacking need to be stamped out and the best way to achieve that is through introducing an investigation process that is independent and transparent”, concluded Mr Lo.