Our Story

Poliversity was founded in August 2015 by two passionate ALP members Wesa Chau and Jieh-Yung Lo, who saw the need to strengthen the representation and leadership of culturally diverse Australians in Australia’s oldest political party.

Since our establishment, Poliversity is working towards becoming a leading advocate and network of shared practice and implementing the ALP’s commitment to multiculturalism and cultural diversity. As a proud independent organisation aligned with the ALP, Poliversity is committed to:

  • Getting more culturally diverse Australians elected to represent the ALP in public office
  • Respond to issues raised by culturally diverse Australians and develop relevant policy responses
  • Making sure all ALP policies reflect the needs and aspirations of culturally diverse Australians
  • Supporting ALP MPs to reach out and connect with culturally diverse Australians

We will continue to work with culturally diverse Australians and the ALP to create a more inclusive, modern and progressive Australia. If you believe in our mission and story, get in contact with us today.