MEDIA RELEASE: Labor commits to multiculturalism and cohesion

MEDIA RELEASE: Labor commits to multiculturalism and cohesion

Poliversity welcomes the Australian Labor Party (ALP) ongoing commitment to multiculturalism and cohesion on its policy announcement today to provide an extra $28.5M of new funding to invest in English language programs to support new migrants, community hubs and strengthen anti-discrimination programs.

Labor’s funding announcement and positive policy will ensure new migrants receive the support they need to participate socially and economically to Australia’s society, fostering social cohesion and protecting communities against racism and discrimination.

Labor’s proposal Community Cohesion Program – Investing in New Migrants includes the following initiatives:

  • $24M over the forward estimates to increase funding to the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) to deliver more courses and greater support for new migrants to learn English and in gain long term employment
  • $3M over the forward estimates to increase funding to the National Community Hubs Program to expand community hubs to support new migrant communities
  • $1.5M over the forward estimates to increase funding for the ‘Racism. It Stops With Me’ campaign

Labor’s announcement today of extra funding is on top of the $28.3M of new funding announced last month to advance multiculturalism in Australia.

“Poliversity congratulates the ALP for showing national leadership to strengthening multiculturalism and social cohesion in Australia”, said Jieh-Yung Lo, Co-founder of Poliversity.

“The Liberals under Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull on the other hand have slashed funding to cohesion initiatives such as the Building Multicultural Communities Program and have yet to release any policies and funding commitments on strengthening multiculturalism and cultural diversity across Australia.

“Labor proudly stood up against attacks to Section 18C and the watering down of the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA) by the Coalition Government. Labor’s commitment to increase funding to the Racism. It Stops With Me campaign demonstrates Labor’s determination to protect multicultural communities from racism and discrimination.

“Poliversity is looking forward to continue working with the ALP to ensure Australians of multicultural backgrounds, new and emerging communities and new migrants achieve their aspirations and reach their potential”, concluded Mr Lo.