MEDIA RELEASE: Cultural diversity a win for Queensland Labor

MEDIA RELEASE: Cultural diversity a win for Queensland Labor

Poliversity congratulates Queensland Labor for recognising the importance of cultural diversity leadership and representation in the upcoming Brisbane City Council elections.

Under the leadership of Rod Harding, Queensland Labor has presented residents and ratepayers in Brisbane with an opportunity to elect an energetic and diverse team of candidates to the City of Brisbane. Candidates representing Labor include Dr Tom Huang, Stephanie Serhan, Stanley Hsu, Adam Obeid, Amanda Ronan-Hearn and Mucktar Wesseh.

Brisbane is one of Australia’s most successful multicultural and culturally diverse cities. Poliversity believes it is important to have a city council that is representative of the cultural diversity makeup of its residents, ratepayers and communities.

Poliversity’s mission and objective is to advocate for cultural diversity leadership and representation in the ALP and to work with the ALP to establish engagement opportunities with Australians from multicultural backgrounds. Engagement starts by having more Australians from multicultural backgrounds representing the ALP in public office.

Poliversity would like to wish Rod Harding and his team well in the upcoming elections on March 19 and encourage him, his team and Queensland Labor to collaborate with Poliversity to support greater participation from Queenslanders from multicultural backgrounds in the ALP.

Quotes attributable to Wesa Chau, Co-founder of Poliversity

“We are thrilled to see Queensland Labor endorse such a culturally diverse team in the upcoming 2016 City of Brisbane council elections.”

“Cultural diversity leadership and representation is on full display for Queensland Labor. May this set an example for other states and territories to consider embracing, recognising and supporting cultural diversity leadership and representation.”

“Candidates such as Stephanie Serhan, Dr Tom Huang, Stanley Hsu and Mucktar Weeseh serve as an inspiration to other Queenslanders from multicultural backgrounds. To ensure our council chambers and parliaments are representative of multicultural Australia, we need individuals to step up and run for public office.”

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