Statement: Independent investigation to end branch stacking in Victorian ALP

Statement: Independent investigation to end branch stacking in Victorian ALP

Poliversity urges the Victorian Labor Party to put an end to corrosive branch stacking once and for all by appointing an investigator independent of the party to examine concerning allegations raised at last week’s Administrative Committee meeting.

Last month, Fairfax Media revealed that gift cards had been used to pay for the memberships of union officials from the plumbers union and individual members. Unfortunately, these activities centred on factional operatives within the Australian Labor Party (ALP) taking advantage of individuals and communities from multicultural backgrounds.

“Poliversity wants genuine engagement between the ALP and multicultural communities. We are concerned that branch stacking activities only entrench the exploitation of members from multicultural backgrounds and undermines trust, said Jieh-Yung Lo, Co-Founder of Poliversity.

“To ensure members from multicultural backgrounds are no longer exploited, Poliversity strongly recommends an independent investigation to probe recent branch stacking allegations in the Victorian Labor Party.

“Members from multicultural backgrounds are not mere ballot numbers to be exploited for the personal political gain of a few. They are fellow Australian citizens who have an interest and stake in good public policy and like to express their own views on various issues. The ALP needs to provide more opportunities for these members to contribute to policy development in the party.

Poliversity welcomes the comments made by Federal Labor Leader Bill Shorten and his call for action to eliminate branch stacking in Victoria. Poliversity strongly agrees with Bill Shorten that branch stacking has no place in the ALP.

“For the ALP to become a modern and inclusive political movement, it needs to build trust and confidence with Australia’s growing multicultural communities. Practices such as branch stacking need to be stamped out and the best way to achieve that is through introducing an investigation process that is independent and transparent”, concluded Mr Lo.

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